Carlos Cabaneros is a man of the world. Born in Saudi Arabia to Filipino parents, Carlos spent much of his early youth attending international schools while living in the Kingdom. With his father being a university professor there was always the chance of moving and they did when he was seven. His family packed their bags and headed to Canada where he would stay until finishing school.


Growing up with this lifestyle allowed him to experience several different cultures. Carlos has spent time everywhere from Dubai to Frankfurt, Seoul, and Mexico. He enjoys learning new aspects of life many of us will never be exposed to. Despite bouncing around the globe, Carlos always finds the time to return to the Philippines every year. 


Carlos has a degree in Child and Youth Care. His love for children translates into his writing and his business. Never one to sit still, Carlos has the distinction of starting several businesses when he was still a teenager. He ran a property maintenance company and an artist management company while earning his college degree. 


Carlos continues to diversify his life by becoming an avid stock investor and an overseas property investor, specifically in Manila. He has also spent the better part of a decade working and building formative relationships with the children and youth in Toronto and was inspired to create his first children’s book and created his own publishing company called "Kids Of Today Inc." . 


My Everyday Tagalog Words with Nathan and John is his first book and a celebration of the Filipino culture and language. 

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